AWF presents The Elimination 10.22.2016

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Ju Dizz def Jacob Austin Young

This was Ju Dizz’s debut match with AWF. The crowd took to him pretty well. On the other hand, JAY faced lots of boos and chants of “Justin Beiber”. The match almost seemed to start with a dance-off, but went straight to wrestling. It was a solid opening match with some back and forth between the competitors. As always, JAY gets a good amount of heat. Ju Dizz impressed and I believe the audience will welcome him to the AWF roster any time he’s in Arizona.

Super Chaos and Nick Tendo def Jax and Mason

Definitely a fun match. The audience took to heckling Jax and Mason by calling them Max and Jason. Early on in the match, Super Chaos took a hit to the arm and was pulled aside by a referee and Nick Tendo defended against Mason and Jax for a while alone. Jax and Mason kept up and aggressive assault on Nick Tendo. However, as the match continued, Super Chaos came back to fend off the attackers. They picked up the win against Mason and Jax. However, after the match was called, Mason and Jax attacked Super Chaos and Nick Tendo, refusing to back off as more and more people came out to stop them. The referee, Scott Johnson, had them ejected from the building for the assault.

 Mick Camden def Big Duke

A solid match, both competitors going back and forth in dominance. Big Duke has been embracing a more aggressive and ruthless side to him, taking a moment to snap at a fan chanting for Mike Camden. Whatever Big Duke gave, however, Mike Camden threw back. Towards the end, however, Alvaric Reiner came to ringside. Big Duke became distracted by him, which Mike Camden took advantage of to win the match.

Tag Team Championship Match – (C) Southwest Dream Team (Awesome Andy and Danny Gee) def  Whirlwind Gentlemen (Jack Manley and Remy Marcel)

Respect was shown from the beginning of the match with a handshake from all of the competitors. The crowd was kept through the entire match, both teams showing off in the match. There was a good balance who the audience supported and each team showed why they deserved the support of the audience. In the end, the Southwest Dream Team retained their titles. The Southwest Dream Team started to leave, however, they returned to the ring to raise the Whirlwind Gentlemen’s arms and hug it out.

Arizona State Championship Elimination match – Spray Boy Roy def  Chris Evans vs Devin Sparks vs Aydan Colt vs Lawrence Tyler vs Evan Daniels.

A fun match all the way through. Five of the contestants were announced with the sixth one being a mystery. The crowd’s surprise at Spray Boy Roy being the surprise entrant was loud. A lot happened in the match, one of the most memorable moments being when Devin Sparks pulled out a remote to “pause” the other competitors and the referee to adjust them in different positions, the exception being Lawrence Tyler (or LT) who was outside of the ring when the shenanigans started. The entire exchange was a lot of fun. LT was the one to remove the remote from play, but taking multiple Superkicks to the face. Chris Evans, Devin Sparks, and Evan Daniels had all been eliminated from the match. Ayden Colt and Spray Boy Roy teamed up to eliminate LT, leaving them the final two. Aydan was telling Roy to lay down so he could win the match, however, Roy was having a difficult time bringing himself to do it. LT, angry about his elimination, went back into the ring and attacked Roy. Aydan celebrated and boasted about teaming up with the giant, only for LT to attack Aydan as well. After that, LT dragged Roy over to cover Aydan so he could win the match and become the Arizona State Champion.

AWF Championship Match – Alvaric Reiner def R3

Alvaric Reiner came out to a lot of boos while R3 was cheered as he followed after. This was a solid match. R3 was an imposing force as the “immovable object”. Alvaric worked hard against him, pulling out a lot of moves to bring R3 down. R3, despite Alvaric’s attempt kept his ground and gave Alvaric a lot of punishment. Alvaric pulled two spears against R3, the last one toward the end of the match was savage. Toward the end, Alvaric pulled out a baton from underneath the mat. The referee tried to stop him from using it. Alvaric said “If I kill him, I get the title, right?” However, before he could use the match, Big Duke came out and took the baton himself. He intended to use the baton against Alvaric, however, ended up hitting R3 intend and allowed Alvaric to pin R3 to take back the AWF Championship. R3 became so angry that he threw referee Scott Johnson all the way out the ring and multiple peple had to come out and prevent R3 from rampaging further.

Overall, it was an enjoyable show with lots of good wrestling and memorable moments.



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