Lucha Underground Review: History Is Made

Welcome back Believers! Was unable to give you a review last week but I’m back now to talk about the latest happenings in Boyle Heights. Let’s get right to it. Let’s LUCHA!!!!

What We Learned

  • Vengeance Is At Hand- Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada came into Dario’s office demanding that Mascarita get a match against Famous B. Dario made the match for next week but decided that the stipulation for the match would be decided by the winner of a match this week between Son of Havoc and Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • They’ll Be Here Soon- Another White Rabbit video, this time featuring two men in masks to go along with the man in the white hat. Looks like we have a new trios team.
  • GRAVE MOTHERFUCKING CONSEQUENCES!- Prince Puma will take on Mil Muertes in Grave Consequences next week! I’m more hyped than Mojo!

What Went Down

  • Rat Trap- Dario needed to spin his dial one last time before Aztec Warfare. It landed on Dario’s Choice and he picked Cortez Castro whose arm was still in a cast. Castro fought valiantly but his broken arm was too much of a liability and Matanza dispatched him quickly with possibly the best Wrath of the Gods that we’ve seen yet. Dario made it clear that this was Castro’s punishment as he consistently screamed at him that he was a rat.
  • Famous Backlash- Son of Havoc and Dr. Wagner Jr. had a fun match. Havoc was able to pick up the win, meaning he earned the right to pick the stipulation for next week’s match between Famous B and Mascarita Sagrada. Son of Havoc asked Mascarita what he wanted and then announced it would be a Believers’ Backlash match (long time viewers will remember this from season 1 when Hernandez faced the wrath of the Temple’s faithful who had been armed with leather straps and given free reign to use them). But wait! There’s more, the Believers will not be limited to straps this time but can use any weapon they want. This should be fun.
  • Lied, Cheated, Couldn’t Steal- The main event was the loser leaves lucha match between Rey Mysterio Jr and Chavo Guerrero Jr. Chavo Sr was at ringside. This was a really good match. Probably the best I’ve seen Chavo in quite some time. After lots of back and forth action, Chavo Sr comes into the ring with a chair seemingly to protect his son but then he blasts Chavo in the head with a chair. His intention became clear as he broke out into a huge smile as referee Marty Elias rang the bell, disqualifying Mysterio and giving Chavo Jr. the victory. Oh those crafty Guerreros! But wait, a Lucha Underground main event ending in a DQ? HOLD ON! El Jefe comes out to save the day. He chastised Marty for calling for the DQ knowing Dario’s love for violence. He ordered the match be restarted and then after a little more back and forth Rey picked up the win banishing Chavo for good.

What To Look For

  • Castro’s Next Move- Dario made it clear to Cortez Castro that he knows Castro is a rat. What will Cortez do to protect himself? Will he meet the same fate as Mr. Cisco?
  • The Master’s Plan- Keep an eye on Vampiro to see what if any role he plays in Grave Consequences. I have to think he’ll be involved in some way. It was his idea after all.