Lucha Underground Review: Of Moths & Monsters


Sorry for the late review Believers. Was busy getting my heart broken by the Mets last night. Well let’s not waste any more time, let’s LUCHA! 

What We Learned

  • How ABSurd- Despite having great abs, Johnny Mundo still can’t get Dario to give him a Lucha Underground championship shot or even a Gift of the Gods match. He tried to reason with Dario saying that Sexy Star lost in the Atomicos match last week. Dario of course twisted that and gave Jack Evans the match instead because he was the one who pinned Sexy. Poor Johnny, at least you still have those abs.
  • Ivie’s New Man- We learned that Ivelisse not only has a new hair color but she has a new man. That man is none other than Sami Callihan, going by the name Jeremiah. Always wished that Sami’s NXT character Solomon Crowe got more development so I’m excited to see him work in the Temple. He seems eager to jump into the fray but Ivelisse doesn’t want him to get involved. She wants to keep her work and relationship separate this time. Good luck with that.
  • A Message From The Past- Joey Ryan delivered an envelope to Killshot that was given to him by some guy outside. The envelope contained the message “You left me for dead.” Obviously this has something to do with Killshot’s military background. Seems like he may be the one with a target on his back now.

What Went Down 

  • The Moth Returns- Mariposa and Ivelisse had a pretty decent match. The Baddest Bitch In The Building picked up the victory. Marty the Moth is still alive. He accompanied his sister and was supremely creepy during the match trying to kiss Ivelisse. After the match he attacked Ivie. Her boyfriend Jeremiah did not like that someone jumped his girl. Looks like Sami Calihan has his first rivalry set up for him.
  • That’s Two- Cage went up 2-0 in his best of 5 series with Texano. The match was pretty decent but I’m still not invested in seeing these two fight possibly 3 more times. While conventional wisdom would suggest this won’t happen, I kind of hope Cage goes 3-0. Not sure where that leaves Texano but I also don’t care where it leaves Texano.
  • Monster & Prince- Prince Puma came closer to defeating Matanza than anyone else has. Seemingly the only thing that prevented Matanza from a loss was interference from Mil Muertes. This was a really good match and it did a good job at continuing to chip away at Matanza’s invincibility. It was going to be tough to present him with a credible challenger to take the title off of him with the way he was booked early on but they’ve done a good job this season of setting up for that to eventually happen while still keeping him bad ass with the Dial of Doom basically saying he’ll beat anybody. The fact that they’ve consistently shown that he has a weakness against speed has done the job of making it believable for a smaller guy to take the belt off him if that’s what they’re going for. I also liked the touch of Dario telling the ref he didn’t see Mil interfere and neither did the ref. Yes a DQ keeps the belt on Matanza but he wants the records to show Matanza beat Puma.

What To Look For

  • What’s This?- There was a cryptic vignette saying to Follow the White Rabbit. Keep an eye out for this, likely involves a new luchador.
  • Jeremiah & the Temple- Jeremiah is sure to get involved at the Temple despite Ivelisse’s wishes. Look for him to get involved with Marty the Moth and Mariposa.
  • Puma’s Soul- Vampiro was even less subtle in his desires to corrupt Prince Puma. So far we haven’t seen any interaction between the two since their initial encounter in the locker room. I’m sure we’ll see more of Vampiro trying to get in Puma’s head. Really hope this is building to him using Puma as a stand in for himself to take out Pentagon DARK. Keep an eye on that.