Lucha Underground Review: Revenge of the Prince

Alright Believers! Time to break down another action packed episode of Lucha Underground. This week saw some great action and a huge announcement. The wait is over, let’s LUCHA!

What We Learned

  • Master Denied- Vampiro approached Prince Puma with words of encouragement prior to his match with Mil Muertes. Puma let us know in no uncertain terms that he wants nothing to do with Vampiro.
  • War Returns- Dario announced that, in four weeks, Aztec Warfare would return. Furthermore, since he is so confident in his brother’s dominance, El Jefe said Matanza will defend his Lucha Underground Championship as the first entrant in Aztec Warfare.
  • Serpents and Wyrms- Kobra Moon slithers up on Drago in the bathroom. We learn that Drago was once part of the same tribe as Kobra Moon but he left it 1000 years ago (dragons live a long time).
  • Money Talks- Johnny Mundo finally started speaking Dario’s language as he offered Dario the $100,000 (well slightly less, apparently Johnny had to pay someone off in regards to some photos), that Mundo won from Dario all the way back in the beginning of season one, in return for a match against Sexy Star for the Gift of the Gods Championship. Dario accepted, making the match for next week.
  • The Classics Never Die- Rey Mysterio is discussing his plan to get Chavo Guerrero Jr out of Lucha Underground with none other than Chavo’s father, Chavo Guerrero Sr. Rey wants to get Sr’s blessing before going after his son. Chavo Classic gives it.

What Went Down

  • Double Doom- Dario’s Dial of Doom landed on Killshot this time around. The challenger put up a fight but Matanza retained in fairly short order. After the match a man in camo and dog tags came to the ring. Killshot recognized him and appeared stunned that he was seeing this man. Killshot embraced his presumed former brother in arms before he was viciously attacked by this newcomer and left out cold in the ring after a vicious looking muscle buster.
  • For the Opportunity- While Dario announced that Matanza would be the first entrant into Aztec Warfare, he decided that he would provide 3 luchadors with a unique opportunity to get spot number 20. Those 3 luchadors, none other than the Trios Champions Drago, Fenix, and Aerostar. Dario put them in a 3 way match against each other with the winner getting spot 20 and the two losers also losing the opportunity to compete in Aztec Warfare. This match was crazy, the fact that these men are champions together did not keep them from holding back. After a lot of great back and forth action Drago ended up coming out victorious.
  • Redemption- The main event match definitely lived up to it’s predecessor from Ultima Lucha. Puma and Mil were both out to take each other down. Puna got the win to redeem himself from his previous loss to Mil. It seems that Puma has shaken off whatever was holding him back since he lost the Lucha Underground Championship.

What To Look For

  • The Guerrero Legacy- While Chavo Sr. said he was on board with Mysterio, he is a Guerrero and if I recall correctly they are not above telling the occasional fib. Keep an eye out to see if Sr. doesn’t support his son after all.
  • Hard to Get- Prince Puma rejected Vampiro’s advances this week but there’s no way the dark master is done trying to insinuate himself into Puma’s life. I have no doubt that this is all part of some plan to get back at Pentagon DARK. We’ll see how Vamp plays it.
  • Waiting Above- We haven’t gotten much in the way of development of the overlords story line and what exactly their interest in The Temple is. Definitely something to look out for.