New Smark City Monday Night Feature

As announced on the WWE SmackDown Live Review podcast last night, we at Smark City will be providing new (and frankly better) content on Monday Nights that we will be focusing on going forward instead of the show that must not be named, which usually takes place on Monday nights around 8 p.m. EST.

Our newest honorary member of Smark City, DXGoldie, will be playing WWE 2K17 for us! Goldie will be providing us the WWE product we love in a much shorter time span (about 30 minutes) that is not energy draining and unnecessary holiday themed garbage matches.

We at Smark City strive to be the unique fish in this very large pond. I came up with this idea to not only try and reach this goal, but to make Monday nights fun again.

Starting this Monday night at 8 p.m. and every Monday night going forward for the foreseeable future, you can come  to our YouTube page and see Smark City’s Monday Night Really Awesome Wrestling Show (R.A.W.S.) We will be live tweeting the show on our Twitter @TheSmarkCity and if it was THAT good, maybe even review it!

I personally thank DXGoldie for being on board with us and providing us with this great content. We’re excited to get into the WWE gaming market and have a fresh and fun new thing you don’t and hopefully won’t see anywhere else.

Thank you all for sticking with Smark City and to all newcomers, welcome! We hope this new feature gets Smark City to even more people who are excited for wrestling like we are!