RAW Talk (Aug. 15, 2016)

SummerSlam is this Sunday and tonight is the go home show! We have a packed show this Sunday with a lot of exciting programs. Out of all of them it seems Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton are getting the special treatment. Does that mean it will be the main event?…. hopefully not. Let’s see what WWE wants us to focus on for tonight’s show.

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Lesnar to address The Viper

Last week’s Raw took an in-depth look at the intensifying rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, and it was during a particularly visceral interview with The Beast that he referred to The Viper as “just another guy,” claiming that although they both arrived in WWE developmental at the same time, Orton is not even close to his level. Meanwhile, Orton has vowed to “kill the legend of Brock Lesnar” at SummerSlam, referring to the fact that The Beast has been nearly unbeatable since conquering The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak in 2014.

Even though Raw and SmackDown Live General Managers Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan have agreed that their respective rosters will refrain from invading the opposing show, whatever Lesnar and Paul Heyman have planned will undoubtedly raise the ire of the SmackDown Live serpent.

Foley and Bryan didn’t talk much about Lesnar and Orton before an impromptu main event between Cesaro and Rusev happened. We’re seemingly supposed to ignore that just last year at the very same PPV, Brock technically lost after getting kicked in the dick by Undertaker and fading while flipping him off. That’s fine. The Raw encounters have been much more exciting and it’s going to be hard for Paul E. Dangerously to say “You’ll never RKO the beast” after it was literally done. Also technically, Brock already addressed Orton by “weakly” F5’ing him on SmackDown last week so I don’t understand what this segment is supposed to be. We’ll soon find out!

Can Roman Reigns spoil Rusev’s night yet again?

As if having multiple wedding ceremonies wasn’t enough for Rusev and Lana, the Raw lovebirds couldn’t resist rubbing their wedded bliss in the WWE Universe’s face with yet another “celebration” of matrimony, complete with photographs and cake — the latter of which was worn by Lana thanks to The Super Athlete’s “Worst Man,” Roman Reigns. The party crasher received a United States Championship opportunity against The Bulgarian Brute at SummerSlam following his unique toast to the newlyweds, and sent yet another message to the titleholder with an impactful Spear after Raw’s main event.

The Ravishing Russian vowed revenge against The Big Dog in an interview on WWE.com, and the furious Rusev is likely planning some serious payback against Reigns going into Monday. Expect fists to fly if Reigns and Rusev cross paths on Monday night.

How about seeing Roman Reigns stand tall and his music playing to end the show last week when Roman is no longer in the main event picture and we’re supposedly in a New Era. Triple H, Stephanie, here’s a little advice: Don’t leave the arena and trust the old man with the show by himself anymore. He will quickly undo a month’s worth of exciting stuff to make sure he gets his way. I’m excited for the Rusev/Roman match this Sunday as I am ok with either man winning. Poor Lana. That’s all I have to say about that. I expect a brawl. There better be one.

Seth Rollins to deconstruct The Demon King

After brazenly dismissing Finn Bálor’s face-painted alter ego as mere theatricality, Seth Rollins received an eerie history lesson from his SummerSlam opponent that changed the complexion  of the first-ever WWE Universal Championship Match. Claiming an ability to tap into supernatural powers greater than himself when “his limbs and his flesh are not enough,” Bálor affirmed that The Demon King will be waiting for Rollins at SummerSlam, where myth just might become a horrifying reality for The Architect.

Not willing to wait for SummerSlam next Sunday, Rollins aims to conjure The Demon King on Raw. Will he regret this decision?

I may have said that I did not like Seth Rollins promo last week on our Raw Review podcast but it served a purpose for building up to this match on Sunday. I’m just tired of Rollins’ character and want to see change, as many anti-Romanites out there were desperate for a change with Roman. I don’t think the Demon should be brought out tonight only because its first appearance on the main roster should be truly special, but I have a feeling they may make a huge production out of it to try and get casuals to buy the Network. They did a really good job with it last week though, so I have more confidence than I ever would that they’ll do the right thing.

How will The New Day retaliate against Gallows & Anderson?

After taking Big E out of action with a vicious ringpost-assisted attack, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson rubbed salt in the wound this past Monday night by masquerading as doctors and warning the Raw roster about the “ringpostitis” epidemic sweeping the locker room. The faux physicians nearly diagnosed another case of this debilitating disease later in the night when they attacked Kofi Kingston, but Xavier Woods deterred the wannabe docs with the help of a steel chair.

Although Big E is still recovering at home, the rest of The New Day will be at Raw, and will likely have much to say about their disrespectful challengers before their WWE Tag Team Championship clash at SummerSlam.

It looks to me that they may very well keep Big E out of the SummerSlam match. This segment was the highlight of last week’s show. Anderson and Gallows are perfect. I hope they keep the lab coats for this week as well. Like I said last week, The Club is here to save us from a continuation of New Day’s Eat Sleep Plug Booty O’s Cereal Repeat segments and away from the tag titles for now. Do we see a heel turn from Big E? I don’t think so (though I certainly wouldn’t mind!) but I DO think Xavier is eating the loss for New Day this Sunday. Alex Briggs might not agree with me, but the seeds are definitely being planted for that to happen.

Do cheaters prosper?

Turnabout is fair play, especially when you’re under the tutelage of WWE Hall of Famer Bob Backlund. One week after Darren Young suffered a defeat to Titus O’Neil — who deviously grabbed a handful of tights during the pin — Young employed the same tactic to beat his former tag team partner this past Monday night. Although Backlund was furious at O’Neil’s previous rule-bending behavior, he couldn’t be prouder in the wake of his apprentice’s big win, claiming that he didn’t see Young do anything wrong.

Does Backlund’s quest to “Make Darren Young Great Again” now favor a whatever-it-takes-to-win approach over genuine sportsmanship, or was Young simply seizing the opportunity to score some appropriate retribution against O’Neil?

It’s weird that they even focused on this since it should be a pre-show match but I guess it won’t be. It’s been interesting to see these guys face off and I like the stiffness, but there’s not much else I like. I didn’t even read this preview.

Charlotte goes solo

After WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks defeated Dana Brooke on Raw, Charlotte will be forced to challenge The Boss for her title at SummerSlam without the aid of her muscled protégé. The second-generation Superstar has long claimed that she doesn’t need anyone’s help to sit atop the Women’s division, but having a little backup certainly came in handy during her 114-day title reign, whether it came from her father, Ric Flair, or Dana. If she’s truly alone at SummerSlam, will Charlotte need to come up with a new strategy to unseat The Boss in Brooklyn?

Ugh please no. We don’t need to have yet another screwjob attempt in a Charlotte match. If Lil Naitch (Charles Robinson) is the ref, I will be worried. Sasha has gotten quite the reception since winning the Women’s Title 2 weeks ago and I don’t want to see her lose it so soon. SummerSlam is a great step up for her to move into a new program with anyone. Hopefully not Nia Jax so soon. Bayley is apparently set to come up in the fall so we’ll have to wait for WrestleMania to get a really great title feud between her and Sasha. Sasha should win on Sunday and Charlotte needs to spend some time away from the title.

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