RAW Talk (Aug. 8, 2016)

Oh look, it’s Monday once again and that means not only another new week (and A NEW DAY) but tonight at 8 pm, Raw will come back into our lives with hopefully another exciting show. Tonight, Daniel Bryan is set to appear on the show to address the controversy of Orton/Lesnar showing up on shows they’re not supposed to be on because brand split to stir up some heat. As Fifth Harmony say, let’s go to work work work work work work work and see what WWE wants us to focus on in their five point preview for Raw.

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What does Mick Foley have in store for Daniel Bryan?

After Randy Orton’s Raw invasion to ambush Brock Lesnar prompted The Beast Incarnate to launch a shocking counterattack during SmackDown Live, Raw General Manager has invited SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan to visit Team Red this Monday night.

What will The Hardcore Legend have to say to The “Yes!” Man now that the rivalry between The Viper and The Anomaly brought chaos to both brands? You won’t want to miss what’s sure to be an eventful face-to-face meeting between Team Red and Team Blue’s General Managers, two weeks before The Biggest Event of the Summer.

Wasn’t so shocking when we already knew Brock would be in the building huh? Last week was another great week for WWE TV as both Raw and SmackDown Live had some solid promos from the top guys of each brand and really good storytelling. Orton #RKOOUTTANOWHERE and Brock #F5OUTTARETALIATION are the feature points in this preview, and seemingly in the larger picture as the top feud for SummerSlam. Both invasions were well done last week, but now it’s the battle of the General Managers. It’s so great seeing Bryan back on TV and in a perfect role for himself as underdog GM of the underdog WWE brand. On the Raw before the draft show, Foley and Bryan had a fire backstage promo telling each other to stay out of each other’s way and if they can bring that fire back, we’ll have a hell of an opening segment tonight.

What does Sean ‘Puff Daddy’ Combs have in store for Raw?

No one cares. Just get Owens to pop up powerbomb him off the stage.

Is Sasha Banks’ dream coming to an end?

On Raw’s first Mixed Tag Team Match of The New Era, Charlotte scored a pinfall victory over WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks by way of Natural Selection, an ill omen for The Boss as she prepares to defend her title against the brazen second-generation Superstar at SummerSlam.

Charlotte would take great pleasure in continuing to humiliate Sasha in the weeks leading up to The Biggest Event of the Summer, but The Boss never stays down when she’s beaten. Given what’s at stake at SummerSlam, don’t be surprised if Sasha is looking for some comeuppance to shift momentum back in her favor.

Two weeks ago we had a rare surprise title change on free TV and since then, Sasha has had the full support of WWE fans. After a controversial mixed promo and tag last week, it would be nicer to see it be just the main players hash it out this week and really build this up by themselves. There is not much doubt in my mind that Sasha will retain the Women’s Title at SummerSlam but this company is run by a guy who is not one to keep is mind set on one thing. We still have a few more weeks to go and I’m interested in how this feud continues to be presented.

Will Seth Rollins need to rethink his strategy?

Seth Rollins tried to use mind games to get under Finn Bálor’s skin this past Monday night, claiming that his WWE Universal Championship opponent at SummerSlam was nothing more than a cheap imitation of The Architect. However, Rollins wasn’t necessarily feeling like “The Man” moments later, when Bálor responded with swift kicks to the stomach and the skull that forced the former WWE World Champion to retreat up the ramp.

Rollins made a statement later in the night when he defeated Sami Zayn with a Pedigree, but something tells us that The Architect’s most recent encounter with Bálor left more of a lasting impression than Rollins is willing to admit.

Balor and Rollins was another great segment last week. I’m still not quite sold on the “Universal Championship” name though. This is another interesting feud and build leading up to SummerSlam, but my question is this – will Gallows and Anderson be mentioned or shown conversing with their friend from Japan before SummerSlam? AJ Styles was immediately brought into The Club’s booking when they debuted this year, but there has been no mention of Balor and The Club’s history together as of yet. They could be waiting on that until the PPV, where Balor turns heel with their help or maybe they choose not to be partners but mutual friends. We have two clubs on one show and all the players know each other very well. But do the casual fans know? Odds are most of them don’t, and maybe WWE is happy about that so they don’t have to appease all us smarks. We’ll see what happens here, but I’m hoping Gallows and Anderson do the same thing with Balor that they did with AJ.

Is Big E out of action?

After Big E & Kofi Kingston picked up a victory over Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson last Monday night, the self-ascribed “Good Brothers” were anything but, attacking all three members of The New Day and injuring Big E worst of all, sending the powerhouse out of the arena on a stretcher.

It remains to be seen whether the WWE Tag Team Champions are officially down a member, as little is known about Big E’s condition at this time, but Anderson & Gallows certainly evened the odds as they continue to eye The New Day’s titles.

And also, breaking news (but not so breaking because this was obvious):

And this is how New Day’s year long reign comes to an end. Boys, it was fun. We had ups and downs, I liked you for a while, I disliked you for a longer while, and I just started liking you again. Having said that, you need to lose the tag titles and Gallows and Anderson are here to save the day. Now knowing this match will officially take place, I’m wondering even more if The Club will walk up to Balor tonight or next week and we see them win the tag titles at SummerSlam and then help Balor win the Universal Championship and Bullet Club (what they should just call themselves and screw Japan but they’ll call it Balor Club probably) form to wreak havok in WWE. NO WAY does New Day retain here, especially having Big E out of action.

Does Kevin Owens truly have Chris Jericho’s back?

OK, so Chris Jericho’s pal Jimmin Marvinluder might not actually be a real person, but Kevin Owens certainly seems to have struck up an alliance with the first Undisputed Champion based on their conversation Monday night. Now that “The Best in the World at What He Does” has acquired some backup against Enzo Amore & Big Cass, how will “The Realest Guys in the Room” respond? Considering Jericho’s decorated history as a tag team competitor, Enzo & Big Cass might have their hands full against these haters.

JeriKO is now a thing, and I am elated. Ever since they tagged with each other on a few SmackDowns this year I have wanted to see them as a tag team. This also gets Owens away from Sami Zayn for the time being as they focus on tag matches and perhaps get into the tag title picture at some point. Tonight we will hopefully get 4 very good talkers in the ring together for some really good bantering and I wouldn’t be surprised if a SummerSlam match was made.

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