RAW vs SmackDown: Week 15

To start off, RAW didn’t put much effort into producing a show, so I’m not going to put much effort into reviewing RAW. Ooops did I just give away this week’s winner? Oh well. So yeah, RAW had a Halloween show plus fallout from Hell in a Cell. SmackDown did some more Survivor Series set up, as well as begin to set up for their next exclusive PPV. Well, let’s get to it.

Monday Night RAW

Pros of the Show

  • UHHHHHH….- The Halloween decorations were very Halloweeny? Seriously there really isn’t anything good to say about this show. I guess I can give some praise to Brian Kendrick’s intentional count out, and they’re doing a good job making Sami Zayn the underdog that he hasn’t really felt like since he came to the main roster. Also, Y2J is the most entertaining aspect of the show regardless of the show’s overall quality. That’s it.

Cons of the Show

  • The Past Goes Over- I get that they need to try to make Goldberg look as good as possible (which they failed at) but why use Rusev in this spot and make him look like a chump? seriously, if they wanted to use a big guy in that spot to make Goldberg look strong they could have used Titus O’Neil.
  • No One Looks Strong- While I was glad Nia Jax finally returned to our TV screens, I don’t like that they had her in a back and forth match up with Bayley. Nia still needs to be decimating people and I don’t think the match against Bayley did her many favors even though she won. On that same token, Braun having to sell on the outside during the battle royale was not good either.
  • Just Ridiculous- The Trick or Street fight was stupid, even more stupid that Enzo went over, once again making Gallows and Anderson look like chumps. Golden Truth in a haunted house was a complete waste of a segment.

SmackDown LIVE

Pros of the Show

  • Sick Burns- Alexa and Carmella cut a pretty great promo both about the upcoming Survivor Series match and Alexa’s Women’s Championship match next week. They seemed to have great chemistry together and made me wish the women had enough depth to start a tag division.
  • Damn That’s Some Hot Fire- I know we may never get a match out of it, but the interaction between Miz and Daniel Bryan was again just excellent. Miz being denied a Survivor Series team spot because of him backing down from a fight is just great storytelling. I love that they pay attention to a character’s previous actions.
  • Somehow Still Fresh- James Ellsworth might be wearing a little thin on me, but credit to SmackDown for somehow keeping the matches between AJ and Dean fresh. Each match has had a different psychology to it. Even though I’ve seen these guys fight a lot, I still look forward to the TLC Championship match that was announced on Talking Smack. Good stuff.
  • Faith Restored- Two weeks ago I was as done with Bray Wyatt as done can be. Now I’m loving this angle with Orton joining the Wyatt family. It’s amazing how showing Wyatts actions actually affecting someone’s character can do wonders for his credibility. Could have done without Orton’s glowing eyes but that’s small stuff.

Cons of the Show

  • Those Damn Tag Matches- Long time readers know my disdain for meaningless tag matches that mash up two separate rivalries and give away match ups. Throw in a champion being pinned and the whole women’s tag match this episode bothered me. At least it resulted in that great Bliss/Carmella promo.
  • Crazy Cat Lady- Maybe it’s just me but Natalya as the crazy cat lady who speaks in song lyrics is just annoying not entertaining.

Winner: SmackDown LIVE

Do I really need to explain why SmackDown won? I think not.

Record: RAW-5, SmackDown LIVE- 10