The Global Territories

Wait what?! Are Hunter and the WWE making a global territorial system? Are they trying to take out the top promotion in every major world market? It sure seems so, lets take a closer look shall we?

After this past summer’s success of the Cruiserweight Classic and subsequent launch of 205 Live and the rise of NXT the past few years really has WWE competing for the Ring of Honor fan base. And now we have gotten The European championship tournament with a weekly show pending after its conclusion. WWE has also sent feelers out to the Asian market as well as the Mexican/Lucha Libre market. WWE has proven that they can scout and lure top talent from just about any corner of the world and with as much free air space that there is on the WWE network, this all but makes sense from a business stand point. Essentially, each market or niche in the world  would have its own weekly show satisfying what ever your wrestling “itch” is at the time, while developing talent and converting them more to a WWE style as well. WWE would get revenue from house shows and tours as well as ad space from these shows while having a constant flow of new talent they could call to the main roster at any point, which we the fan base are already invested in due to whatever territory they were at previously on the WWE network.

Now what does this mean for the working relationships that WWE has with Evolve, Dragon Gate and others? Would they just go to the waste side forced to fend for themselves in a shrinking talent pool of Non-WWE-talent? Or do they stay on board working with the wrestling giant as almost the entry level for a talent and feeder system to the new Global territories? Is this fair to the current indie system as it would essentially kill it and force talent to be under McMahon control?

What does this mean for the top promotions in other parts of the world like The New Japan’s and CMLL’s? With WWE starting promotions in each area, they will certainly be poaching top talent from them as well as new up and comers. Can they survive? Yes but ratings and ticket sales will go where top stars go – to WWE’s promotions. Lets face it, no one can compete with the production value and experience of putting on top flight shows than the American juggernaut. The now top promotions globally just won’t be able to compete after a certain amount of time and will become “that other brand” in the eyes of the fans.

Ultimately, is this what’s best for the pro wrestling industry? As a wrestling fan, this would give me  one stop access to every single type of wrestling and niche that I could ever possibly crave, but like most, I don’t know how I feel about one company having the final say in how a whole industry will go. In the end, this seems to be where WWE is headed and its not like they could be stopped. So everyone buckle in as its the era of “THE GLOBAL TERRITORIES.”