Welcome to the NEW Smark City

Five months ago, myself and my friend Conor Masters-Kelly set out to make a difference in the world of professional wrestling media. We started out slow, gained a bit of a following, and then personal life got in the way. We brought along Alex Briggs for NXT coverage and Chris Marshall for Lucha Underground coverage, and while myself and these two men took over the daily duties of running a website, Conor had to take his leave to pursue bigger things and we wish him the best in all his endeavors.

Once I took “creative control” AKA “My head hurts, live tweet Raw for me would ya?” I wanted to continue that mission as I poured my heart and soul into every review and article I posted, as well as Alex, Chris, Bryan, and newest, most faithful and dedicated Smark Citizen Dee Carter. Then, more personal life got in the way as we are all either college students or guys with jobs and it got dodgy for a little while, but a financial situation would bring us all right back together and light the fire once again for Smark City to become YOUR source for the best professional wrestling media on the net.

After being shut out of smarkcity.net, myself, Alex, Dee, and Chris talked about revitalizing the Smark City brand and decided enough was enough, and it was time for a change.

Here’s that change. thesmarkcity.com is the newest creation of great minds and already feelings of happiness and excitement for the future have begun on only our third day of existence.

When you see the word “smark” you shouldn’t think of a narrow minded, loud, and rude person ruining others enjoyment of wrestling. After all, a smark is a mark, right? For a while now the word smark has had a negative connotation on the wrestling world.

We’re here to make smarks great again. And we’re here for you. This is YOUR Smark City. Come and join us as we redesign, rebuild, and reclaim. While you’re here, become a permanent resident if you so choose. We will have our regular previews, reviews, and podcasts and we’re adding a few new features as well to make Smark City stand out among all of professional wrestling media.

Thank you for choosing Smark City. Follow us on our renamed Twitter @TheSmarkCity, our new Facebook facebook.com/thesmarkcity, and subscribe to our YouTube page here!