Why One Fan Prefers Lucha Underground: It’s All About the Fun

Written by: John McKay (soon to be contributor for The Smark City)

Why exactly would anyone choose Lucha Underground over the much bigger organizations like WWE and TNA (Are they still in business? Anyone?) I mean, Lucha doesn’t have the massive amounts of money, the glittering lights and fireworks, they don’t fill out the Superdome for Wrestlemania’s, nor do they have the amazing diva programs (sarcasm).
So what do they have to make their program so damn irresistible?
They have fun.
Anybody can see the wrestlers are having a heck of a time down in Boyle Heights and it translates back to us the viewers. Lucha makes us feel like we are 10 years old again, chanting for our heroes as they shock and amaze us. This is my main gripe with the WWE; it looks like work for them. There is no joy in their matches, no Warrior running to the ring or the Rock lighting up the crowd with one raised eyebrow and a massive put down. It’s 3 hours of grinding, boring and repetitive sameness. We want to feel like we are there when Prince Puma hits the 630 senton:

or when Sexy Star shouts “ Fuck you!”:

Lucha made us believe that wrestling can be fun again, that we can fly with spacemen and stand in awe when angels come crashing down from the rafters.
Is Lucha perfect? Of course not but everything they do, they do with passion and heart. And in the end, isn’t that what we wrestling fans want?
The little company in Boyle Heights with the amazingly corny storylines is making the big lumbering giant look stupid week in and week out. Their spirit and optimism is addictive and they are taking us on one hell of a ride, not forcing us through 3 hours of generic been there before.
And why does it all work so beautifully? Because they remembered that wrestling is above all other things supposed to be…fun.


John is from and resides in South Africa. He is a teacher, wrestling fan, and recently published author. Check out his book at The N Days and his upcoming posts for Lucha Underground and other wrestling related articles!