WWE SmackDown LIVE Highlight – Little League Tuesday

WWE surprised us this year and gave us a brand split AND live Tuesday night SmackDown. We knew that SmackDown would be the savior of wrestling.

What the hell happened?

Here’s the highlight of the night. Yes, HIGHLIGHT. No S at the end. I can’t believe I’m about to say this.

Put the title on Heath Slater

For the entirety of Social Outcasts existence, I muted Heath Slater when he talked on a mic. In fact, probably his entire WWE career that I have watched has been muted or fast forwarded.

Now? Put the Goddamn title on him.

This is EXACTLY what happens when you give a guy a microphone and let him talk. When a guy has legitimate gripes and isn’t following a word for word script (and is injected with the fear of God if he goes off it), this is what happens. You can also tell that most of the time, Heath’s changed his voice to a grating, extra annoying kind on purpose, because tonight he was very pleasing to listen to. He was enjoyable. ENJOYABLE! HEATH SLATER!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s it.

The rest of the show was trash. It is just so incredibly crazy how we all thought SmackDown was going to be the shining light, so much of a shining light that TNA had to take IMPACT off Tuesdays to counteract the amazingness that would be SmackDown LIVE. NOPE! That’s not what happened.

If it continues on THIS path, SmackDown will no longer be regular viewing on my Tuesday nights. I’ll stick to YouTube, like 50% of WWE’s audience.

What did you guys think of SmackDown tonight? Leave a comment or tweet us @TheSmarkCity and tell me how much of an asshole I was.